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World-leading video card manufacturer

For the past 10 years Marcus has managed the entire annual R&D Tax Incentive claim process for this business.  With a significant and ongoing investment in experimental product development, the business has received significant refundable tax offsets each year via the Incentive.  This has been particularly valuable where big increases in product R&D have been necessary to enable the business to keep pace with large, international competitors targeting increased market share through technology advancements.   

Solar Infrastructure

This business developed a world-first solar powered level crossing product but was struggling to source funds to proceed with full-scale commercialisation.  Marcus worked to secure a large Accelerating Commercialisation grant for 50% of the cost of a 12 month type approval trial of the product with a major customer, as well as promotional activities to secure additional Australian and international sales.  The business is now considering other grant and incentive options including the R&D Tax Incentive, and the Export Market Development Grant programs to support further development and commercialisation of the technology.

Membership Software

This client is taking on the world in advanced software for managing memberships and sporting fixtures – from grass roots sport, to elite competitions.  The R&D Tax Incentive is providing refundable tax offset benefits for the initial development of a prototype system, and further grants will be sought for phases to commercialise the product more broadly, and further modify it for export into international markets.

Battle Chess

Another software and gaming client worked with Marcus to secure R&D Tax Incentive benefits for overseas R&D expenditure via an Advanced/Overseas Finding.  As a result of this work, the client subsequently went on to secure a large grant for the commercialisation of their world-first video game product in multiple markets.  The receipt of government benefits throughout the development allowed the company to better manage cash flows, and track and report the achievement of key milestones to government and investors as the project progressed

Virtual Reality for All

After a referral from their CFO for a chat about government grants, this company went on to work with Marcus to obtain substantial R&D Tax Incentive and Accelerating Commercialisation grant benefits over a 15 month period. This provided crucial funding which allowed the company to drive the development, promotion and ultimately export of the company’s world-first virtual reality classroom technology.

The Australian grants landscape is constantly changing to reflect current policies on innovation and R&D, exports and many other industries or activities where government seeks to address a key economic challenge. Clifton Grants provides a highly experienced partner actively watching for new funding opportunities that will support your efforts to grow your business.

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